The guy playing one of the main characters is either a horrible actor or the character is a complete asshole.

The group of people he’s with wake up in the middle of the night to the sound of something roaring and all these crashing noises outside of the cabin.The other guy in the group looks out the window and says that whatever is out there just destroyed their snowmobile. Everyone else is kind of freaking out and asking what they should do and he basically says, “Nothing, let’s go back to bed.” No, you’re right. Let’s just ignore the thing outside, destroying everything. It could be a bear or some monster thing or maybe a serial killer but we should just tuck in for bed. I’d hate to be awake when it broke into the house and killed all of us.

And then later, when his little girlfriend dies, he’s just like, “Well. She shouldn’t have left the cabin.” They go to the spot she was killed and he sees her blood on the hood of her car and he’s not even alarmed. He’s more concerned about the car not starting.

I can’t wait to see what happens next in this well-scripted and fantastically well-casted movie.

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